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still small voice:                                                   Fearful Importings:

British Biblical Art in a Secular Age              William Kurelek and the Moral                                                                                              Imagination

On December 6, 2021, the Ahmanson Gallery opened dual shows in two galleries. The first, still small voice: British Biblical Art in a Secular Age (1850-2014) was last shown at The Wilson in Cheltenham, England in 2015.  The exhibition included work from some of England premier artists such as Stanley Spencer, Eric Gill, Barbara Hepworth, and Henry Moore.

The Ahmanson Gallery also featured Fearful Importings: William Kurelek and the Moral Imagination. Kurelek was one of Canada's best-loved and most prolific artists, known for depictions of domestic life, Canada's ethnic heritage, and his Christian faith. Although often whimsical, Kurelek's paintings convey messages of his deeply felt moral convictions.

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