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Past Exhibition

March 17, 2018 – September 22, 2018

Anna Freeman Bentley:

Exclusive: Paintings of Private Members Clubs

In the latest iteration of her body of work, Anna Freeman Bentley continues her research of members clubs in and around Los Angeles, California. These paintings made their debut in the exhibition "Exclusive" - her one-person show at the Ahmanson Gallery in Irvine, California. The group of paintings is installed across two galleries and depict fractured views of some of Los Angeles' most desired social and networking clubs, such as Soho House West Hollywood, the Los Angeles Athletic Club, the Center Club Orange County, and the City Club Los Angeles. Returning to work on a larger scale, Freeman Bentley canvases invite an expanded and immersive entrance into the conflicted nature of these spaces. Her rich and exuberant method of working with color pays homage to the surface warmth and attractiveness of these salons; simultaneously her savvy use of fragmented compositions, which can appear as reflections in paneled mirrors, point to a deeper socio-political and spiritual meaning represented by these environments.

Exhibition Slideshow

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