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Past Exhibition

April 23, 2016 – July 16, 2016


Steven Ladd and William Ladd

Steven and William Ladd's unique collaborative practice is defined by a progressive conversation about art, design, and human relationships, often exploring the narratives of their joint childhood. Their shared familial experiences have become core themes in their multi-disciplinary installations. The exhibition Chapel mines their spiritual journey growing up in a devout Catholic family in St. Louis, Missouri, and explores its enduring impact on their lives and practice. The ritualistic structure of the Catholic liturgy, combined with a focused Midwestern work ethic, are formative principles of their methodology. The striking parallels between the theology of the Church and their approach to art making are visually expressed in a profound desire to create beauty and harmony in the world. Chapel sumptuously showcases the versatility of the Ladd's oeuvre. The exhibition at the Ahmanson Gallery spans several mediums, including drawings, scroll landscapes embellished with beads, metal and handblown glass elements, woven glass bead panels, hand-built furniture, chandeliers, glass sculpture, digital prints, and sculpture. Their exceptional ability to collaborate with other artists and express ideas in a range of art mediums articulates a contemporary zeitgeist that celebrates cross-disciplinary studio practices. Through their impressive investment of labor and attention to detail, the Ladds transform ordinary material into beautiful objects and rich sculptural, narrative landscapes. Their Chapel installation invites the viewer to share in a personal experience centered on the mystery of faith.

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