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Ahmanson Gallery


The Ahmanson Gallery is a non-profit gallery space offering curated exhibitions of contemporary art. Visiting the gallery is free but we ask that you make a reservation in advance.


Gallery Hours

Monday – Friday

8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. by appointment.


Please call 949-474-1965 for more information.


General Inquiries


Press Inquiries


All images, videos, and audio, unless otherwise stated, copyright the artists and courtesy of the Ahmanson Gallery, Irvine, California.


Featured Artists


Lynn Aldrich 2

Hermione Allsopp 1 2

Francesco Arena 1

Beverly Ayling-Smith 1

Patrociño Barela 1

Geneis Belanger 1

Diedrick Brackens 1

Peter Brandes 1

Anita Bruce 1

Markus Brunetti 1

Pia Camil 1 2

Heather Cook 1

Kieran Dodds 1

Maja Lisa Engelhardt 1

Sir Jacob Epstein 1 2

Alice Fox 1

Anna Freeman Bentley 1

Athene Galiciadis 1

Isa Genzken 1

Alastair Gordon 1

Ale Groen 1 2

Tim Hawkinson 1

Sheila Hicks 1

Robin Kang 1

Jutta Koether 1

Barry Krammes 1

Steven and William Ladd 1 2

Elad Lassry 1


Meg Lipke 1 2

Nathan Mabry 1

John Mason 1

Henry Moore 1

Amy Meissner 1

Wayan Novi 1

Zoë Paul 1

Nathaniel Mary Quinn 1

Phillip Stearns 1

Kurt Steger 1

Xun Sun 1 2

Ricky Swallow 1 2

Betty Woodman 1

Jian-Jun Zhang 1

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Anna Freeman Bentley

Exclusive: Paintings of Private Members Clubs 2018


In Quest of Beauty: Assemblage in the Ahmanson Collection 2019


Define Gravity: Sculpture in the Ahmanson Collection 2017

Merrily Kerr

Under Heaven: Contemporary Art from China in the Ahmanson Collection 2016

Steven & William Ladd

Chapel 2016


Blessed Art Thou: Images of the Virgin Mary in the Ahmanson Collection 2019

Alastair Gordon

Souvenirs from the Waste Land 2017

Kieran Dodds

Hierotopia: The Living Sacred Landscape 2018



Ale C. Groen

Essence of Conversation: The Discovery of Form 2014


Lyrica Taylor

Warp and Weft, Chain Stitch and Pearl: Textiles in the Ahmanson Collection 2015

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